Prychal 8. Construction of 1 and 2 sections of the house №1 is completed


Twenty floors in less than a year. "Intergal-Bud" has completed construction of 1.2 sections of the seven-section house # 1 of the residential complex Prychal 8. The construction of the multi-storey building began earlier this year and now the first two sections are ready. The new building in Darnytskyi district, Kanalna Street, has fantastic views from almost all windows. The next sections of the house of the complex are already growing nearby. The work is undergoing several changes. Every day, about a hundred builders work on the site at a time.

Blogger-ruffer Anastasia Shevchenko meticulously inspected almost every corner of the new building, of course, the final point - the roof of the twenty-storey building, where you can see the capital as if on a palm.

The plot was filmed by the KYIV TV channel

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