Space for comfort and pleasure

Children's playgrounds

In the childhood we spent a lot of time outdoors, playing with friends and learning the world. Architects "Pier 8" have taken care that your children have a rich and active leisure on the territory of the complex. And playgrounds will be the perfect place for socializing your kids. Thematic gaming areas, swings and slides will allow children of all ages to communicate, develop dexterity and imagination. Every day will give so much interesting and new! And the main thing - on a secure closed territory, protected 24/7.

Alive for walks

Kyiv has always been famous for its parks and has always been among the greenest cities in Europe. Our landscape designers support this tradition, creating real flowering oases on the territories of residential complexes "Intergal-Bud". The territory of the LCD "Pier 8" will sink in the greenery. It takes only a few minutes for residents to find a garden, gardens, and recreation areas. The complex will captivate residents with harmonious landscapes. The walkways will be equipped with decorative lanterns and comfortable benches. Under the shadows of the trees will be a pleasure to read your favorite book or arrange a picnic. Near the alley there are gazebos for rest and BBQ area. Now, to go to nature with friends, it's not necessary to go for the city. Everything that is needed for a comfortable life is near.

Sport life

For many, sport is an integral part of life. Today's developed sports infrastructure is included in the TOP-5 options that the residents want to see when choosing a new home. You will not have to hurry through the whole city to the fitness club or skip classes because the modern workout zones on the territory of the LC «Pitch 8» will allow you to train in the fresh air at least daily. For yoga and stretching fans, there are sports grounds with a special coating and comfortable green recreation areas. The spacious area of ​​the neighborhood will allow you to find activities to your liking: a game of football or tennis on the equipped fields, biking along the picturesque lake, jogging with shady alleys or boat trips. Perfect physical form and good mood are provided to you!

Own beach

The features of the location of the LCD "Pier 8" prompted architects to create a "city resort" format. Specialists of the company sought to recreate the space, where the inhabitants will feel cozy and harmonious, as on a rest. All inhabitants of the metropolis with a special thrill dream of taking a break from nature and resting on the coast. And in the new complex from "Intergal-Bud" its own equipped beach with a spacious coastline and comfortable chairs - in 2 minutes. from your doorway. Enjoy the lake glade, the rays of the sun and feel like at the resort, residents of the LCD "Pier 8" will be able to each day.

Modern original art objects

The soul of your new home is formed from a lot of details. Due to unusual and sophisticated elements, the complex acquires its unique appearance and meaning. The LCD "Pier 8" will be filled with creative art objects and thematic game spaces, where every child can imagine himself a pirate or a navigator. The area is decorated with original figures in the form of boats and sails. And the end of one of the buildings will decorate a mural with a lighthouse that will illuminate your way home.  Art objects will emphasize the unity and harmony of the style in which the LCD "Pier 8" is performed.

Embankment is arranged

Life near the water body is a privilege that is not available to everyone in the metropolis. Apparently, you have repeatedly thought that you should live next to a cozy water area while staying within the city. Due to the peculiarities of the LCD "Pier 8", this dream can be realized faster than you thought. Architects and landscape designers "Intergal-Bud" have made every effort to allow you to relax at any equipped seafront near your house any time of the year. After all, what could be more inspiring for dreamy reflections in the spring, sitting in a green zone near the water ?! What could be more romantic for a stroll along the waterfront in the summer, and more beautiful than having fun with the kids in the morning on the snow-covered coast ?! The embankment on the territory of LCD "Pier 8" is a place where you will admire the beauty of nature, you will be engaged in sports and you will enjoy your own life.

Residential complex Prychal 8 has all necessary infrastructure, from shops to kindergartens, fitness clubs, restaurants and cafes, which will be located on the first commercial floors.