Want to move to a new apartment as early as possible, have neither time nor a desire to do repairs? The company "Intergal-Bud" offers a fully ready for your settlement an apartment - with a turnkey repair and complete decoration! The designers of the company have prepared many harmonious and modern variants. All that remains for you is to furnish and decorate a new home for your personal taste. The use of proven materials, control over the performance of repairs and extensive experience guarantee the high quality of the repair.

Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style colors: white, gray, sand and sky blue. They go well with natural wood, create a feeling of lightness and have a calming effect. The interior uses natural materials with a natural texture, which emphasize the closeness to nature and create a comfortable atmosphere in the premises.


Minimalism style - the minimum of details, maximum space. Nichogo interesting, everything is in its own place. For the decoration of such apartments, there are no more than three colors, most often the price of beige, gray, black, medium beige.

Modern classic

Apartments in the style of modern classics are neutral natural shades. This style is characterized by decorative elements. In our repairs, for example, we use polystyrene molding for the ceiling, which visually raises the ceiling. Bright interior doors add space and lightness.

White box

Pre-renovation preparation of the White box apartment from Intergal-Bud includes: cement-sand screed with sound insulation on the floor; beacon gypsum plaster of a wall surface; windows with 2-chamber double-glazed windows; metal shock-proof and fire-prevention entrance doors with MDF overlays; water and electricity meters; steel panel radiators with bottom connection; electrical wiring to the shield of the apartment.