Space for comfort and pleasure

Comfort+ class residential complex with a modern and appealing name Prychal 8 is located on the left bank in Darnytskyi district of Kyiv, hiding from noisy highways, crowded centers and offering the residents everything they need within a walking distance. We create your own infrastructure that perfectly covers any needs and wishes.

For those who value exclusives

Residential complex Prychal 8 includes two houses with several sections in each. The two houses are an embodiment of a vivid desire to create an ecological zone among gray buildings, without leaving the capital. The houses have great architecture, unique advantages and opportunities. One of them may have an apartment just for you.

Architecture in harmony with nature

With a skillful approach of people to nature, you can create a beautiful harmonious territory that you won`t want to leave. Since ancient times, people have sought to live close to nature. Residential complex Prychal 8 was able to make the dream come true, having created a true oasis in the metropolis.

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Sale of apartments in the residential complex “Prychal 8”

Every year in the capital there are more and more new buildings. Housing estates grow like mushrooms after rain. Such a variety of options does not always mean quality, comfort and safety. In addition, buying an apartment is always a hassle. They can be both pleasant, and vice versa. If you thought about buying an apartment in Kiev, and want to take care of the well-being of your family, take care of your peace of mind in the process of acquiring and enjoying the result.
There are various reasons to buy an apartment in Kiev, including:
moving from parents and starting an independent life;
the beginning of marriage after marriage;
birth of a child;
desire to change housing to a more convenient one.
For each, these reasons are different. Someone plans to live alone, while someone moves with a large family. When planning apartments, the developer took these factors into account. The one-room apartment contains not only a bedroom, a bathroom and a corridor, but also spaces and a large kitchen. In such a kitchen, you can also arrange a recreation area for yourself or friends who will visit. It turns out that when you buy a one-room apartment, you get almost a two-room apartment, and in fact you pay for “odnushka”.
How to choose a good residential complex? This is the first question that confronts buyers of a new family nest. To buy an apartment in a new building in Kiev and be satisfied, pay attention to the infrastructure around the residential complex, the security on its territory and the transport interchange nearby. An important indicator when choosing is the price of real estate in Kiev. In the real estate sales market, different developers offer different prices per square meter. In order not to overpay, choose the best option and successfully buy a home in Kiev, analyze all the advantages of the ZhK Prichal 8 from the developer "Intergal-Bud".
Choosing LCD "Berth 8" you buy an apartment in Kiev comfort plus class. The residential complex is located in the Darnytskyi district, near a small picturesque lake. On the territory there are many shops, gyms and beauty salons. A pleasant highlight of this new Kiev building is the barbecue, recreation areas and even its own beach. The windows open onto green streets and a picturesque lake.
Children usefully spend time in modernly equipped playgrounds and sports fields. Nearby are a school and a kindergarten. In addition, there is a spacious parking lot located on the underground level of the residential complex. It is under 24-hour video surveillance and security. Thanks to this, your car will be guaranteed to be protected from thieves and the influence of weather conditions. You can get to it from the hall of the section of the house with a high-speed elevator.In addition to convenient infrastructure, the developer also took care of the safety of all residents. The territory of the complex is closed, and security controls access to it and protects you and your property. Successful transport interchange allows you to get to the center by your own car in just 10-15 minutes. The same amount will be needed to get to the metro by public transport.
Having bought an apartment in Kiev on the left bank in the Prichal 8 residential complex, you don’t have to worry about the warmth of the apartment in winter. After all, real estate from the developer "Intergal-Bud" has another useful feature. During the construction of apartments only certified environmentally friendly materials are used. In addition, the residential complex is being built with strict adherence to all principles of energy efficiency.
Professional architects have planned the apartments so that if you wish, you can change the layout yourself. For example, equip:
in the kitchen room or vice versa - in the kitchen room;
relaxation area in a large corridor;
in the bedroom - the living room.
For a large family, a three-room apartment is best. Three living rooms are built with approximately the same footage, so that the life of each family is comfortable. The apartment also has two bathrooms and a large kitchen. Every housewife dreams of such a place where your whole family gathers for dinner, and even more guests can be invited to housing.
Buying a new apartment, I want to move to housing with a modern renovation. However, there is not always time to make a choice of wallpaper, parquet or plaster. Another significant advantage of the residential complex “Berth 8” is the ability to buy an apartment in Kiev with repair. Professional designers will work on it, who will create a modern and stylish interior with thoughtful ergonomics. Repair crews quickly and efficiently translate design projects into reality.
When analyzing real estate prices in Kiev, pay attention to the residential complex “Berth 8”. The developer offers a low price per square meter when buying a home during the construction phase. If your option is to buy an apartment in Kiev by installments, then there is the opportunity to pick up a favorable offer, become the owner of the desired home and start planning a move. That is, after moving, you can almost immediately live in your own house, and pay its cost for 5 years. In addition, you can buy real estate in Kiev from Intergal-Bud in a mortgage.
Apartments for sale in Kiev take place in the Prichal 8 residential complex according to their own long-term installment programs with social guarantees from the developer. Such conditions are more profitable for buyers than lending conditions with banks. Intergal-Bud is a reliable construction company, known for a large number of timely completed projects, high construction rates and successfully commissioned residential complexes. LCD "Berth 8" - modern housing with comfortable conditions. Choose a dream apartment built according to European quality standards - choose the Berth 8 residential complex.



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