First time on the market! Apartments in "INTERGAL-BUD" with a choice of redecoration


INTERGAL-BUD is inclined to be a style and trend setter. A few years ago, the company was the first in the market to offer its buyers apartments with redecoration. The advantages of this option are so obvious that now 50% of all INTERGAL-BUD apartments are sold on a turnkey basis.

Furthermore, from September the developer is going to offer a new approach to repair works. Now you can buy an apartment in the residential complexes of NTERGAL-BUD choosing one of three styles.

  • Minimalism
  • Modern classics
  • Scandinavian

Apartments in such style solutions are the most popular and demanded among modern Ukrainians. Their desires and wishes will be realized by the designers and architects of the company. Also, at the request of the customer, the apartments will be fitted with a kitchen unit, furniture and even curtains with accessories - everything in one style solution and of high quality. Thus, you can move in and have no extra worries from the first day of commissioning.

Stylish apartments will be available in the following residential complexes: Prychal 8, Holosiivskyi, Tradytsia, Nyvky Park, Ozernyi Hai Hatne, Teremky, Siretski Sady, Akadem-Kvartal.

The show room will be equipped in RC Teremky. We are always glad to show and tell about this novelty service!

The cost of apartments with designer redecoration by INTERGAL-BUD will traditionally be more affordable than doing it yourself.

REFERENCE: INTERGAL-BUD is a leader among Ukrainian non-state construction companies. The developer of residential complexes Siretski Sady, Akadem-Kvartal, Prychal 8, Ozernyi Hai Hatne, Nyvky-Park, Malachite, Demiivka, Teremky, Parkovi Ozera, Volodymyrskyi, Tradytsia, Yaskravyi, Vidradnyi, Lamer. INTERGAL-BUD stands for 16 years of reliable work, 74 completed projects, 3 million square meters of consolidated real estate and more than 15 thousand owners of apartments.

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