Intergal-Bud at its own expense installed lighting on Kanalnaya street


Creating modern complexes in which it is comfortable to live, raise children, work and develop is the purpose of the Intergal-Bud company. However, it is impossible to limit oneself only to the development of a comfortable environment in your project and forget about what surrounds it. That is why Intergal-Bud pays special attention to the improvement of the entire district.
This time, at the expense of the builder, poles were installed and lighting was connected on Kanalnaya Street, which runs next to the Prichal-8 residential complex, a modern and stylish complex on the lake. Due to lack of funds in the local budget, the street has long been without light. Now it will be much more comfortable to ride along the road and walk the adjacent streets.
In autumn, the company installed lighting on the street in the Podolsky district (a fire understudy of Ivan Vygovsky Street).
For 5 years, the amount of non-repayable investments of Intergal-Bud in the development of the engineering infrastructure of the city amounted to 320 million hryvnia.

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