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The choice of layout of the apartment in the residential complex “Berth 8”
Own housing in Kiev is an essential condition for a comfortable life in a modern metropolis. For those who are going to buy an apartment in Kiev, we suggest paying attention to our residential complex “Berth 8”, which is located at ul. Channel 8.
The complex is located on the left bank of Kiev, next to the picturesque lake Korolek, which is equipped with a closed beach line for residents. Convenient infrastructure of the complex, relaxation areas and a large number of parking places will become available for homeowners in the Prichal 8 residential complex. You can enjoy the green recreation areas, the well-equipped promenade, as well as themed children’s and sports fields. Ideal for those who are looking for a quiet haven among the noisy rhythm of the metropolis.
"Intergal-Bud" offers a wide selection of apartments from the developer. You can buy an apartment in the Darnytskyi district on favorable terms. Installments up to 3 years with a minimum down payment of 30% are also available to you. LCD "Berth 8" is designed for more than a thousand future residents. Among so many options, you can definitely choose the layout of the apartment that will appeal to you.
To begin the choice of planning should be to determine how many rooms you want to see in the future apartment. LCD "Berth 8" offers the following options:
1-room (up to 50 sq.m.);
2-room (up to 75 sq.m.);
3-room (up to 94 sq.m.);
So how do you determine which option you choose? Regardless of the number of square meters, the main task of planning is to make housing as convenient as possible.
One-room apartment is ideal for one person with a pet. Small apartments, in which it is very important to use the maximum available territory. It is worth paying attention to the size of the corridor. You should not choose layouts that have large corridors and passage areas. Thus, you lose precious territory.
2 bedroom apartment suitable for small families. You will have more living space at your disposal. Pay attention to the size of the kitchen when choosing a layout. Spacious kitchen is an important necessity for the family.
The layout of 3-room apartments is designed for a large family. With such apartments, all residents will be able to feel comfortable and be able to retire if such a need arises.
On our website you can always familiarize yourself with current offers and get advice on the purchase of an apartment.