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One-bedroom apartment in Kiev in residential complex Prichal 8

Buying an apartment is not only a joyful and exciting event, but also a serious step. If your family consists of more than two people, or you are planning a replenishment in the near future, then it would be wise to consider a two-room apartment. The area of ​​such an apartment, as a rule, will allow you to comfortably accommodate everything you need. Buying a two-room apartment in Kiev is not a cheap pleasure, sometimes you have to save money for several years, which means that the issue of choosing an apartment must be approached with all responsibility.

A modern two-room apartment can be either small or spacious. In any case, you can embody your design ideas there, start redevelopment and create the home of your dreams.

Not only young families, but also mature couples strive to buy a two-room apartment. That is why the demand for such apartments is the highest. The cost is only slightly different from odnushki, but the comfort is twice as much. Many people want to buy a two-room apartment in Kiev in a good area.

The layout of a 2-room apartment allows you to competently organize the space. One of the rooms may have a living room, the other - a nursery or a bedroom. A large kitchen can be combined with a relaxation area, as a huge space for receiving guests or family gatherings after a hard day. The presence of at least one isolated room is one of the main advantages that a two-room apartment has. If friends or relatives come to visit, they can feel free to stay overnight. The layout of 2-room apartments has another advantage - a separate bathroom. And if this is not important for you, then the free room can be left under the dressing room. In general, a successful layout of an apartment with a large living area is also an opportunity to re-plan it into a three-room apartment.

Buying a 2-room apartment in Kiev in a new building is a profitable investment. The demand for housing in new areas is constantly growing, buyers are increasingly giving preference to the "primary". A two-room apartment in a new building will constantly grow in value, and after a year or two, the sale of apartments will definitely bring profit to the owner. And the high liquidity of the new housing stock will allow you to quickly find a buyer.

The new residential complex “Prichal 8” has everything that buyers are looking for when choosing a home: a convenient location, well-developed infrastructure, ergonomic layouts, affordable cost of an apartment in Kiev. The developer "Intergal-Bud" invites you to become the owner of a house on the lake shore. The complex is located at st. Kanalnaya, 8 and is closed from noisy highways and city bustle. At the same time, you will find everything you need within walking distance. You can buy a two-room apartment, from the windows of which you can enjoy beautiful sunsets every day, spend weekends in recreation areas or simply stroll along the alleys in the shade of trees. The architects have created not just another residential complex, but a whole oasis of the ecological zone among the gray buildings of the capital.

Buying a two-room apartment in “Prichal 8” residential complex with an area of ​​65 to 75 sq.m. is an investment in the future of your family. Having settled here, in a cozy harbor, you definitely won't want to move. Choose your layout option and generate design ideas, in the near future you will be able to implement them.

A 2-room apartment has a number of obvious advantages:

optimal utility costs;

when planning, you can rationally use every square meter of space;

isolated rooms - a personal corner for each family member;

a large selection of apartment options;

many redevelopment possibilities.

Buying a two-room apartment in Kiev is a task of medium complexity, you will have to reconsider many options, perhaps sacrifice some criteria, because this is an investment for a long time, so choose carefully and diligently.