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One-room apartment in Kiev in the residential complex Prichal 8

For a quick solution to the housing issue, there is an optimal solution - to buy a one-room apartment in Kiev. Other things being equally equal, small apartments are cheaper than apartments with large areas. A 1-room apartment undergoes a more careful selection when buying, because there are more requirements for it. The smaller the space, the greater the efficiency of its use should be. If a one-room apartment is bought for subsequent lease, the requirements are also no less.

The sale of apartments is represented by a large number of ads, looking through which, we still cannot choose the right one. Everyone has their own ideas about the ideal apartment, which is why buying a 1-room apartment in Kiev is not an easy task. What do the experts advise to pay attention to, whose main area of ​​work is the sale of one-room apartments in Kiev? They know and have seen many options and can advise on what criteria to choose.

To begin with, you need to start from whether you buy housing for yourself or for business (renting). To buy a one-room apartment in Kiev for a family of 2-3 people, first of all choose the layout. If you cannot afford to spend on an additional square meter, then focus on the living space. Such a layout of a one-room apartment is more advantageous, which can be zoned using a stationary or sliding partition. Often, there is no question of redevelopment, due to the limited budget for repairs. Still, a 1-room apartment is an affordable option, which provides for an inexpensive renovation in the future. It is better when the room is rectangular rather than square, then there are more options for placing furniture and you can implement non-standard ideas.

A modern one-room or even two-room apartment has one feature - a studio kitchen. It has become fashionable to combine a cooking area with a seating area. However, remember that such an apartment layout deprives you of a full-fledged sleeping place, and for many this is unacceptable.

Before you buy a one-room apartment in Kiev, weigh the pros and cons, set your own priorities. For example, if you want a separate bathroom, you will have to sacrifice the kitchen area. Indeed, in small apartments it is combined, but it has a square, where everything you need can comfortably fit. Due to a small bathroom, layout options allow you to increase the kitchen or living room.

If the buyer's goal is to buy a 1-room apartment in Kiev for subsequent leasing, the location of the house is of great importance. The tenants are more interested in the developed infrastructure of the area and the location of public transport stops. They pay attention to the comfort and availability of the necessary household appliances, furniture for a comfortable stay.

The cost of an apartment in Kiev increases in arithmetic progression as it approaches the city center. But you can also buy a one-room apartment in Kiev in cozy residential complexes located near good transport interchanges. An example would be the residential complex "Prichal 8", which is located in the Darnytskyi district of Kiev at st. Kanalnaya, 8. Near the complex - shops and shopping centers, a park, a lake, schools and kindergartens, a city train station. Public transport takes a few minutes to the metro station and to the city center.

Buying an apartment in the residential complex “Prichal 8” will delight you with the following advantages:

developed infrastructure;

having your own lake;

territory security;

competent layouts with an optimal area;

here you can buy an inexpensive 1-room apartment in Kiev - a pleasant price, as for a comfort + class complex.

The new residential complex meets all the requirements that buyers put forward when choosing a home. It will not be difficult to buy a 1-room apartment in Kiev now. Hurry up while the apartments are on sale.